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SnapThread is an online downloader specifically for Threads - the new and popular Twitter-like social platform recently introduced by META (Instagram, Facebook). SnapThread helps users download all contents from Threads in seconds. Our app turns Thread videos into MP4 format plus automatic smart compression to reduce file sizes while maintaining the original quality up to 4k resolution.
Thread is currently one of the most exciting up-and-coming social networks. For now, Thread mimics most of Twitter formats, including text-heavy conversations. In the future however, we can expect Meta to introduce more content formats similar to IG such as reels, shorts, stories and maybe more! Snap Thread is committed to consistently update our app to help you keep your favorite Thread content along the way.

Why you should use a Threads Downloader


    SnapThread focuses on the number one priority that is speed. We deliver the fastest and most reliable process for downloading from Threads

    You can use any device, be it mobile (iOS & Android), tablets, or PC to download with SnapThread

    You can download an unlimited number of Threads videos without paying a single cent. That’s our promise.

    SnapThread can download all content formats on Threads - including Thread gifs, videos, and posts with images.
  • MP4 CONVERT Videos and sounds will be converted to MP4 format as a standard for easier file management.

How to use to download from Threads ?

Follow our simple 3-steps guide to learn how to download videos & posts from Threads in 10 seconds

  • Copy Thread video link:

    First, go to the Thread video that you want to save. Click on the Share icon and choose Copy Link
  • Access Thread video downloader:

    Use any web browsers you want. Go to and paste the link you just copied into the space at the top of the page.
  • Download

    Now, simply click Download and our app will get the video, prepare it and deliver you the thread video download link.

In order to download, you simply need to follow our instructions.
Step 1: Copy the Threads posts, videos link.
Step 2: Go to and paste in the link you copied.
Step 3: Choose your download options and save the video.
We are committed to being free to use forever. You will never be charged.
No. SnapThread only helps you download the images, videos or GIF elements from the link you provided. We do not assist in saving texts from Threads yet.
Not currently. Threads currently does not offer the official capacity to download contents from its app. That’s why we are here to help with your needs.
The process is easy. Go to your phone web browser, this should be Safari by default or Chrome. Paste the link of the Thread video into the website and download normally. Remember to update your iOS to version 13 and above to guarantee success while downloading.
For Android devices the process is similar. Copy Link - Go to - Paste and Download. You can also use our all-in-one downloader app on Android here
No. You do not need to install any 3rd party application on your device to download video from Threads with SnapThread.
As long as you do not use the content downloaded for commercial, public publications. Remember to ask for permission from the content owner first before doing so.
You can be sure of that. We clearly state in our TOS and Privacy Policy that no personal data is collected when you use .
The most common formats are MP4 for ease of use and download speed.

Note: SnapThread (Threads Video Download) is not a tool of Threads or Meta Ltd. This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. We refuse the legal issues of users. Thank you!